Remy Glock

Passion for Pasta


passion for pasta

Barilla wanted to establish a blog that curates pasta-centric posts to resonate with Millennial audiences. So we created

I built the visual identity as a modern take on iconic Italian style and chose a photo-driven template layout that allows visitors to navigate the posts easily. The shared content is fulfilling and good-natured with a touch of wholesome humor. I also had the opportunity to art direct the masthead photography, partnering with photographer Lou Manna to capture beautiful food shots under the theme “active” past. I found that pasta in motion adds a vibrant element and gives pasta lovers a role in every shot.

View the blog here and see how pasta drives our spirit!  


CD: Tony Rogers and
Jeremy Bersano
CW: Dan Thorne
Photographer: Lou Manna
Account: Megan Wholey
and Sarah Black